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March 2022

In partnership with Cottage Hospital, IVYP’s Family Resource Center has been hosting monthly vaccine clinics since September 2022. To date we’ve helped to distribute over 2,000 vaccines to community members, including children 5-12 years old. Thank you to our incredible FRC staff, volunteers, and Cottage Hospital for partnering for this astounding impact!

February 2022

My computer doesn’t support a zoom background, but I love seeing what others have as their backgrounds. At a meeting last week, I was moved by the background of Ana Maya, our FRC Program Manager. Her background had the words: Equity, Inclusion, Belonging. Those words have stayed with me – especially the word BELONGING.

January 2022

The Isla Vista Food Cooperative hosted a “Co-op History Coffee Hour” on Jan. 12, where attendees met with the original owners of the co-op and many community activists. Our very own LuAnn Miller, former executive director of IVYP, was at the signing and coffee hour, and talks more about the chapter she wrote in the new edition on the program’s development and the impact of IVYP in the community.