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November 2021

“What are the little things that make you feel grateful?” This is one of the questions our School Based Family Advocate, Miguel, uses to engage students in mindful conversation. One student replied, “When my parents come to my soccer games.” Of course! When we show up for our children, or our partner, or our friends, we communicate how much we value that person. When we are present, not only do we convey our esteem, we lessen our own stress.

October 2021

I learned early that all politics are local. Both my parents were active in local city politics. My mom was elected to the school board, and my dad served on our local city council.

I realize that my personal experience is unusual. But, I truly believe that our elected officials are accountable to everyone in their community, and that they want to hear from everyone, not just the loudest voices.

September 2021

It has been some time since my children were in diapers, but I remember how expensive they were, and what a relief it was when they became potty trained. Families spend an average of $50 – $100 per month on diapers. Most babies go through 12 diapers per day which is a cost that adds up very quickly especially when the health of your child is at stake.

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